Weh Island – The “Eye-Catching” Destination

Weh Island – Aceh, Indonesia As mentioned in the lyrics of Indonesian national song – Dari Sabang sampai Merauke, berjajar pulau-pulau -, Sabang is exactly the part of Indonesia. Sabang is specifically the west part of Indonesia. The relation between Sabang and Weh island emphasizes on the position of both of them. Sabang is actually […]

Pasir Putih Beach 1

Pasir Putih Beach – The Peaceful Beach Dominated of The Colorful Beauty

Pasir Putih Beach – Situbondo, East Java One of the exciting beaches in Indonesia is located in Situbondo. It is exactly located in Kembangsambi, Pasir Putih village, Bungatan, Situbondo, East Java. Pasir putih – the name of the beach – has the very beautiful glamour. As the name of the beach, Pasir putih which is […]

Kyai Langgeng Park 1

Kyai Langgeng Park – The Merger of History and Modernity in The Park

Kyai Langgeng Park – Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia The historical park may be what most people think when they listen to the name of the park. Kyai Langgeng – the name of the park – may stimulate people’s knowledge about history. The name of Kyai Langgeng itself was taken of the patriot’s name. He is one […]